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Types of ADAS Calibration

ADAS-equipped vehicles require static calibration, dynamic calibration, or both - it depends on a vehicle's ADAS systems and OEM recommendations.

Static ADAS Calibration
Most vehicles begin with static calibration, which occurs in a controlled environment while the vehicle is stationary. During static ADAS calibration, specialized tools are utilized in a controlled setting to accurately adjust sensor angles.

Dynamic ADAS Calibration
Certain vehicles solely necessitate dynamic calibration. Conversely, numerous vehicles mandate static calibration, often incorporating dynamic calibration as the concluding step in the ADAS calibration process. Dynamic calibration involves driving the vehicle at specified speeds and conditions while connected to an ADAS scan tool-however, it transcends a mere test drive. While the dynamic calibration process varies among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specific parameters are imperative. These may encompass driving on well-defined roads, trailing one or more vehicles, abstaining from curved routes, and maintaining designated speeds.

Whether your vehicle requires static calibration, dynamic calibration, or both, contact Universal Calibration Services today at 919-772-4727, and we'll be delighted to ensure your vehicle is standardized once again.


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