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ADAS Calibration FAQs

Common Questions about ADAS Calibration

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about ADAS calibration, including details on static and dynamic calibration methods, the importance of calibration after repairs, and how to ensure your vehicle's safety features are properly aligned for optimal performance.

ADAS Calibration FAQs

FAQ Accordion
ADAS calibration involves meticulously adjusting the sensors and cameras within your vehicle's advanced safety systems to guarantee their proper functionality, especially following repairs or component replacements.
While it might appear that these systems are merely extraneous features that don't require significant maintenance, the reality is they demand care parallel to any other component of a vehicle. This is particularly crucial following any vehicle maintenance or repair work that could impact the precision of different sensors and safety functionalities.
Calibration becomes necessary following significant repairs, part replacements, collisions, or windshield replacements-whenever there's a possibility of the sensor's alignment being impacted.
Static calibrations are performed within controlled environments, while dynamic calibrations necessitate driving the vehicle under specific conditions.
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